Saturday, 4 October 2008

Scariest dream i've had in a whillleeee! Above image is a very VERY quick photomanipulation paintover of what I saw in my head. Origional stock photos are credited to their owner :3

So! What happened in my dream is this:
The dream started with me as a passenger of a minibus, I was randomly reading a specsavers advert in a magazine (weird detail XD) - suddenly the driver and the rest of the passangers start screaming as a random 'earthquake' hits the minibus and skids to a hault o.o...Looking out the window we are all presented with a stupidly massive tornado in the distance - it's so big, it almost coveres the whole horizon x___x

It starts seemingly comming towards us - so the driver steps on it and starts drving in the opposit direction. It's so big though, no matter how far the driver drives - we don't seem to keep clear and the tornado starts spitting out smaller tornados which go in random directions. We twist and turn through a mediteraintian style village and soon come to a camping site - we all jump out to grab our families (which so happen to be there, lol)My dad takes over from the driver, because he used to be in the army (that's my brain's excuse haha) and we start attempting to drive away from the tornado again, rushing over a huge bridge - lots of close calls x__x


..All the tornados converge into one titanic tornado again - and suddenly takes a swift turn towards the sea - there's thunder and lightening. it's so loud we can't hear anything else x__X The tornado suddenly seems to be getting sucked into something and there's so much pandanomium - feels like the end of the world x___X


It suddenly stops. Everything is quiet, but I think that was due to being a bit deafened at that point.Then - a random scientist walks up to us (at that point my dad stops the minibus and we are all standing on a beach cheering)

"The black whole that the LHC produced.... it has suddenly been destroyed by the mega tornados. The planet seems to have caused them by it's own will - saving itself from destruction." The end XD

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