Sunday, 11 May 2008

Crikey :|

So, I've summerise what I want to happen in my 3-page comic entry for the next round of the contest Danimaition is holding. I've researched the fighting style I want one of my characters to pull off, and I can visualise what happens in my head...
But then I hit a brick wall, mentally. To visualise every single panel, how it's 'shot'... I CAN'T! I think I'm going to sketch 'scenes' from my comic and go from there... ugh. I really want to try my best with this one - my last entry was appauling, shit happened in my life and I wasn't focusing on it - so THIS TIME I want to really stun the judges.

I have until the 20th!!

Heh - and to top it off, my brain went on a tangent and it's now full of ideas for a set of characters to fit in with my 'Samurai" Chump' as well as a story based on Buddisim and Karma :) Deep, maaaaaan.

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